Posted by: kwa0430 | May 26, 2009

Jane is a stoner too !

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

We did it! It took Jane and me about 24 hours of labor, but the job is done…almost

On Friday after work we managed to get all the walls prepped and ready to apply the stone. That involved tearing off the remaining boards, putting up the felt paper and then the metal lathe.
Jane .... master grouter!

Jane .... master grouter!

Saturday started off with a 6:30 breakfast at Perkins and then we worked until about 7:30 that evening. At that point we had finished the two small sections of wall in front of the garage and just started the wall in front of our kitchen.

Sunday morning started bright and early with a trip to Lowes to pick up lumber to build a planter box that will go in front of the kitchen. After that, it was a solid day of putting up stone and grouting. We completed everything by 6:30 that evening. Our neighbors enjoyed the entertainment value of watching us work over the past few days so they invited us over for a bonfire and a couple of pain relieving beverages.
The finish line

The finish line

We’ve both got various aches and pains, but it was worth it.

As I mentioned, we made a run to Lowes to pick up some lumber for a planter box. Since we have some stone left over, we’re going to use this to face the planter. Once that job is complete we’ll be done with this project.



  1. Yo. 🙂

    The stone looks nice! I wish you’d quit working on your house and start working on mine… it has far more projects that need doing.

    Coffee tomorrow morning or afternoon?

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