Posted by: kwa0430 | May 15, 2009

Let Summer Begin

Well, English 1111 is now a thing of the past. Not only was it not the terrible class I had imagined it would be, but it was actually a really enjoyable experience. Catherine Carlson, our instructor, deserves kudos for an excellent job of making the class interesting and instructive. Her vast knowledge of English, her encouragement and her sense of humor made a huge difference. Anyone considering an English class at North Hennepin should definitely try to get into a class that she is teaching.

I’m not taking classes this summer, but I will be taking an English test. My plan is to take the CLEP exam to satisfy the other 3 English credits I need for a degree. IT’s 1/3 of the cost of the class and it would free up the time in the fall to take something different.

On the home-front, I made and installed the corner shelves in the kitchen last weekend. Our next project is about ready to begin. The faux stone is now in and we’ll be putting it on the front of the house over the Memorial Day weekend – weather permitting. It’s been a long time since I did any sort of mortar work, so this could be interesting. As with most home projects, I expect that something is going to throw a curve at me.

The next thing I need to do is get my paperwork submitted for my US citizenship. I wonder if, by having dual citizenship, I can celebrate holidays for both countries. I just realized that this weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada. As a Canadian, I think I should be able to have the day off and I would have pointed that out to my boss; however, she may agree and then cancel my Memorial Day holiday since I’m not a US citizen.

This weekend is a neighborhood Bar-B-Que and then hiking on Sunday followed up by grilled lobster tails for dinner. Gotta love summer (and spring).




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