Posted by: kwa0430 | May 15, 2009

Canadian Bacon … NOT

OK, I need to set the record straight for all my American friends. You have been lied to, deceived, led down the garden path, hoodwinked, and made to be the laughing stock of all Canadians.

The stuff you buy in the store or get on your pizza that they claim to be “Canadian Bacon” is nothing more than ham, plain simple ordinary ham. A Canadian would recognize this fallacy without even blinking. Our bacon is just like yours; long, thin, and great with eggs. There is no such thing as Canadian Bacon!

What we do have in Canada – something that you are all the worse off for not trying or being able to buy in the local grocery store– is Back Bacon (otherwise known as peameal bacon).

In my efforts to educate and enlighten you, I have found this website which not only describes this purely Canadian delicacy, but it also allows you to order some. (Note – Being made in the US, I cannot guarantee it will be as good as the real stuff from north of the border eh).

I suggest you order some, slice it and fry it, stuff it into a bun, get yourself a

Back Bacon on a Bun....Canadian Eh !!!

Back Bacon on a Bun....Canadian Eh !!!

 beer (Canadian beer is best) and have yourself a real lunch. You’ll never think of bacon the same way again.

Next, I think I’ll get some of my Canadian friends living here in the US to join with me in launching a class action suit against Hormel and others for false advertising, defamation of character and slander against Canadian Bacon.

( End Note – In Canada we can get “American beer” …. We call it tap water 🙂 )



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