Posted by: kwa0430 | April 8, 2009

DIY – Part 2 (To be continued)

In my last post I mentioned that we were starting to work on the bathroom. I also mentioned something about the domino principle. Well, as it turns out, I should not have mentioned that. It became a self fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s how it went (more or less):

Friday Night

          Start removing tiles around tub. Get partially done then off to small group.


           6:30 a.m. Lowes – pick up new taps for tub and backing for the new tub surround.

          7ish – Continue to remove tiles – (also end up removing section of drywall that were rotted by moisture. Find out that the plumbing will need to be totally redone. Whoever installed this the last time should be beaten with a big stick

          8:30 – Lowes – Pick up plumbing supplies and exchange taps (bought the wrong ones earlier.

          9:15 – Caribou – Coffee with Amy (daughter) then off to a walk-a-thon to support Alexandra House (battered women’s shelter)

          11:30 – Back home – Finish removing tiles – cut out all bad drywall – start working on plumbing

          12:30 – Lowes – plumbing supplies

          1:00 – Coffee Break (should have been beer)

          1:30 – shut off main water (no aux shut off ever was installed for shower) – Oh no…can’t salvage any of the previous plumbing work. Send Jane to Lowes for a piece of copper pipe.

          2:30 – Start to get concerned (we have company coming for dinner)

          3:00 – Wonder why the bracing for the plumbing s installed so stupidly (to low…to close to center point of tub). This explains why previous person just had the water manifold hanging and not supported.

          3:15 – No way to fit new manifold in place. Drill holes through stud to pass tubing. (Using PEX where possible…great stuff)

          3:30 – Lowes – need more PEX elbows etc due to needing to change routing of pipes.

          4:00 – Send Jane to CUB to pick up dinner – No time to cook…and no water.

          5:00 – Company arrives – Still no water – I think Brett was really amused with my predicament.

          6:00 – Lowes – Pick up tubing and buy all the PEX connections they have (I’m not going back again)

          6:30 – Turn on the water…Yeah…Thanks for the help Brett. (See, you can do home projects!)

          7:00 – Visit for a while with Brett, Kelly, Clay and Tirza – Watch Tirza freak out over a picture that scared her (Thanks Tirza – you were the bright spot in the day)

          8:00 – Company leaves…back into the bathroom

          8:30 – not happy with plumbing…the faucet will be too low. Go to bed…tomorrow is another day


          7:00 a.m. – A fresh new day.  Off to Home Depot – Pick up wood

          8:30 – Start build support so that I can raise position of water manifold

          10:00 – Shut off main water – Take apart yesterdays plumbing

          11:30 – Turn on water – job complete (wonder why I didn’t just do it that way yesterday…sometimes trying to save time can really waste time)

          12:30 – Start cutting drywall to fit areas where it was removed.

          1:30 – Start slapping on the mud

          2:30 – Nap Attack

          3:30 – Homework

          5:00 – Make dinner

          7:00 – More mud

I know that, somewhere in there, I missed at least one other trip to Lowes and a Home Depot run.

So, at this point, the shower in the main bathroom is still out of commission. Last night (Tuesday) I sanded down the walls (Inhaled about 3 lbs of dust). With any luck, Jane will be painting the walls tonight so that on Saturday I can install the tub surround, put the medicine cabinet back up, and reinstall the lighting. After that, we need to remove the baseboard and the toilet (oh no…more plumbing) so that I can put down the new vinyl flooring. Then the beadboard wainscoting can go on. That should complete the bathroom

Note: We already have the wood for the floor in the bedroom that needs to be installed….after we lift the old carpet and underpadding, move all the furniture out and take off all the baseboard.


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