Posted by: kwa0430 | March 30, 2009

DIY Projects

Recently, Jane and I were in “The Woods”, a craft type store in Maple Grove. We saw a nice rustic style shelf/picture frame for $72.00; more than we would spend. So, one trip to Home Depot and $8.50 later we have an almost identical (but larger) home-made shelf/picture frame. Jane is starting to like the fact I got a table saw. (In the immortal words of Red Green: “If the women don’t find you handsome; they should at least find you handy”)

While I was busy building the shelf, Jane occupied herself stripping wallpaper off of the bathroom walls. Now we know why they were papered. The walls are a mess and will require a bit of repair before being painted. Luckily, we have a second bathroom in the house: this one will be out of commission for at least this week as far as the shower goes.

Next weekend will be spent removing the tile around the tub. No doubt the domino principle will apply and this will lead to far more work than anticipated. I’ll be happy if I only need to resurface the wall board and not need to replace all of it. Of course, there is also the question of what the plumbing is like behind the current wall. If it’s anything like some electrical work I’ve found, I’m likely to find everything connected by a rubber garden hose.

Other plans for home improvement projects include building a new deck/patio, stone facing for the front of the house and a retaining wall in the backyard. As soon as I win a million, I’m going to start these. In addition to money, they may also require a bit of extra manual labor (Brett…I’ll grill and you slugJ)




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