Posted by: kwa0430 | March 24, 2009

Fixing Health Care


It amazes me when I think about all the discussion going on about health care reform. How can it be made affordable?

Here is a hint the brain trust that is mulling over this issue should consider. Look at how much medical companies are billing insurance companies and how much the insurance companies are willing to pay.

Case in point: the item in the picture is a nasal pillow for a CPAP machine. Manufacturing costs on something like this would be pennies: certainly no more than a couple of bucks.

So, what would one guess as the price submitted to the insurance company; $10.00 or maybe $20.00? Wrong! Try $113.00, of which the insurance company paid approximately $60.00.

Now, I’m not against a company making an honest profit, however this seems obscene at the very least.

The problem with our health care system is that it is rotting from the inside out. It’s no wonder premiums are so high; and get higher every year, when this sort of rampant excess is allowed in billing.

As with the current financial crisis, it seems that greed is the root of the problem.

Side Note: When I checked on line, I found that I can purchase the above item directly for about $25.00, but insurance won’t cover that. Go figure.




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