Posted by: kwa0430 | March 16, 2009

The Review Process

Most people that I know hate the annual review process at work. They hate the self review part even more.

My son Nick, who is in grade 5, had to do a self review before he got his report card. (Why? I have no idea.) Anyway, in addition to marking what he thinks his grade should be, he also had to write in comments.

Under Math, he gave himself a C-. What made me laugh was what he wrote for comments. “I didn’t do good. I suck at fractions” For Science he gave himself a C. The comments were: “I don’t like to listen to the teacher”

I wonder how the teachers handled that. They did say they wanted honest answers.

I wonder what would happen if, during the review process at work, we were so forthright and honest.




  1. Dude–

    Your son ROCKS!!!!!! That is priceless.

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