Posted by: kwa0430 | January 30, 2009

Learnin Inglesh

Well, I’m 3 weeks into my English Comp class and it’s not nearly as bad as I first imagined. Much to my relief, the course is about writing using correct grammar and not about learning grammatical rules. In other words, it is assumed you already understand grammar basics so they don’t need to teach that to you.  I had envisioned a long boring struggle relearning all the various rules of grammar. Most of the assignments will involve either writing or analysis of some other written work. What really helps is the course instructor. She seems to have an amazing wealth of knowledge and adds interesting sidelines when delivering lectures. She has a dry sense of humor that borders on being British or, at the very least, Canadian.

I’m actually really surprised how much I am enjoying school. I look forward to class and enjoy doing the homework. It’s amazing what 20+ years can do to change a person’s attitude and perspective. I wasn’t exactly a model student when I first went to University. As a matter of fact it was probably a complete waste of time and money. After years of avoiding going back to school, thinking I would never like it, I find myself wishing that I had done this sooner. Being a full time student wouldn’t pay the bills; otherwise I’d go for it.

I still have yet to figure out where I want to go with all of this. I’m tossing around a lot of ideas at the moment. Should I get a B.A? Do I want to go to Bethel or Northwestern? What would be my major? For now I can be content with just worrying about taking care of the general education requirements.

Unfortunately, Jane isn’t having as much fun. She likes the material; however, the instructor either drives her crazy or bores het to the point of sleep. Apparently he is the sort of person that needs to explain how the watch was made in order to get around to telling you the time. What would you expect from a retired ex-IRS auditor? I just can’t picture them as being a barrel of fun.





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