Posted by: kwa0430 | January 28, 2009


Technology is a wonderful thing; or so they say. I think that, as wonderful as it is, we have come to rely on it far to much.

For example, adding an early morning appointment to the calendar in your Blackberry is great, providing that the old piece of technology you use to wake you up (alarm clock) gets set the night before and actually goes of as planned. Of course, you still need to remember what day/week it is when you wake up.

The other thing about technology is that it seems all the hype is centered around communication or computing. Meanwhile, really useful technology rarely gets the spolight that it deserves. With that in mind, I present some of the more useful inventions that don’t get the recognition they so justly deserve.

backpack-vaccumThe Backpack Vacuum – After cleaning the house you can take it hiking with you. The only way to make sure your shoes don’t get dirty.

ez_pel_thumb Multifunctional – Can also be used in the shower to exfoliate!

saveabladesm Never buy razor blades again. And they thought rechargeable batteries were cool.

pancake_puffs_thumb How in the world did we survive this long with flat pancakes. Remember the scientific advances once they discovered the world wasn’t flat.

You can have your Blackberry’s, your Wireless Laptops, etc. What the world needs is more truly useful technological marvels such as those listed above.



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