Posted by: kwa0430 | January 15, 2009

Dangerous Age

I’m at that age where I still like to do some of the things I did when I was younger but it takes me twice as long to recover. In other words, I’m old enough to know better but still young enough to ignore better judgement. As a case in point, I direct your eyes to the new header picture.

Over the Christmas holiday my son Nick wanted to go sliding (or whatever you call it here…back home it is called tobogganing). Now, the initial adventure was just fine. A clear straight run downhill. (What was really neat was I took Nick to the hill I used to slide on when I was a kid. It seems so much smaller now).

It wasn’t until we saw the hill with the makeshift jump at the bottom did things turn around. Nick went down first. The parent side of me wanted to go first and make sure it was safe etc, but then I realized that if I creamed out, Nick wasn’t going to be able to do much so I let him go first. Nick thought it was a blast and, to be honest, it looked like too much fun to pass up.

Sitting at the back of the sled with my legs stretched out in front of me, down I went. It amazed me how much speed I picked up. It didn’t look that fast when Nick went down. I hit the jump at the bottom and soared into the air; probably about 3 feet off of the ground. Unfortunately, I had forgotten a bit of sage old wisdom my grandfather imparted to me many years ago; it’s not the fall that hurts, it’s the sudden stop at the end. It still amazes me just how hard snow can be. I went down a couple more times just to see if the end result would change. It didn’t.

After a couple of hours we packed up and headed home. In the end we had a great time. Even Jane went down the hill a couple of times (Just the first one, she was in the car keeping warm by the time Nick and I saw the hill with the jump). I may have been a little stiff and sore that evening, but the fun we had was worth it.

It was in thinking about this (and other things we do with Nick) that I realized something. As parents, we work hard at helping our kids grow up. Thankfully, without being intentional about it at all, our kids help us be kids every once in a while.





  1. Love the picture ….

    I read an article in the StarTrib a few weeks ago about a woman who went over a jump. Spectators said they thought she was 3 feet in the air. She ended up in the hospital in a body cast.

    Way to go, wild man. The last thing you need help with is being a kid. 🙂

  2. Awesome picture. I love guys who will toss caution to the wind and live life fully. You keep doing that, you won’t just be Nick’s hero…Brett will idolize you as well.

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