Posted by: kwa0430 | October 7, 2008

Horse Hockey

In my last entry I commented on the Fall season and how much Jane and I enjoy hiking. As the weather this past Saturday was perfect, we hit the trails again. This time at Wild River State Park. This bring me to the point of this entry.

If dog owners need to “stoop and scoop” to clean up after their pets whenever Rover decides to drop a load in a public place, why doesn’t the same hold true for horse owners? Horses are animals too. And, like dogs, they can get the urge to “go” while out walking. The difference is mainly in quantity.

Especially at this time of year, with fall leaves covering the trails; do you have any idea how difficult (impossible actually) it is to spot a a pile of poop on the path before your foot lands in it? There is nothing like playing hop scotch through these land mines while trying to maintain your balance and take in the scenery.

Then there is the “post hike” problem. You only think you’ve scrapped everything off of the bottom of your hiking boots. You get in the car, turn on the heater to take off the chill and set out on the drive home. It probably only takes a mile or so before you discover that maybe the boots weren’t quite as cleaned off as you had thought. Nothing like the fresh smell of a barnyard permeating your car.

There are lots of deer and even a few bears in some of these state parks. I can’t remeber the last time I was hiking and steped in deer or bear poop. Those are wild animals but, they seems to have more respect for hikers than our domesticated friend the horse. You’d expect horses would know better and you would find yourself ankle deep in deer poop but such is not the case.

I think maybe the problem is not with the horse but with the rider. Maybe riders don’t like hikers. Perhaps they want the trails all to themselves. Poop piles are one way, besides simply knocking us off the trail, that they can lay their claim to these trails.

I think I’ve uncovered a conspiracy.



  1. In headline news: Ken wins millions in lottery and STILL finds some way to complain about it.

    (Oh my, I’m going to pay for this comment somewhere down the road….)

    BTW, I can live without Starbucks. It’s coffee I can’t live without. Now if I could just learn to use our espresso (sorry, ‘expresso’ if you believe all those roadside signs in Alaska) machine I’d be fine.

  2. P.S. Did you take that picture (the logs on a sled)? You keep changing your picture here. I love it.

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