Posted by: kwa0430 | September 19, 2008

School Daze

I have, for many years, railed against the educational system. I have avoided it or tried to work around it. It’s not that I don’t like learning. I love to learn. Just let me learn what I need to know as opposed to what you think I need to know.


I suppose that, more than the educational system itself, my frustration is aimed more at an employment environment that has come to view a degree as the Holy Grail. While I recognize that an education is important, it seems that less and less emphasis is placed on the character, experience and natural abilities of a person.   


I know that this is an over-simplification of my view and opens me up to all manner of rebuttal. Suffice it to say that I have seen my fair share of people that have gone through the education process and are working in positions that they should in no way hold. Admittedly, there are also those people that obviously lack the education to be in position they hold.


Let’s just agree that the whole system isn’t perfect and could stand to be improved. (Which can be said of almost everything)


Alas, my Don Quixote like battle against the windmills that are our system has come to an end. I have actually applied to an accredited college in hopes of pursuing a degree.


The best part of this is that Jane is joining me on this adventure. She has also applied to take courses. So, come January, we will both be hitting the books. Jane will be taking various accounting courses (which she could likely teach) and I will be working towards an Associates Liberal Arts degree.


I lay down my sword and admit defeat. I surrender. Off to school I go.



  1. I have always viewed my degree as the “key” to getting an interview. That piece of paper shows prospective employers that you have at least a base level of understanding of the position you may may be applying for or the “potential” that you can learn. I believe that people that have a degree show employers they have the fortitude to finish what they start. I have always added to my resume that I paid for my education 100% by working during the time I was a student. There are many other intrinisic things that you learn other than your studied curriculum….getting assignments done on time, time allocation, etc. things that you can certainly possess but few people do right out of high school.
    I know there are many people much smarter than I who do not have a degree and many who have degrees from very prestigous schools who lack common sense.
    So I see your point.
    Having the degree probably started me on a slightly higher “pay scale” out of the chute then those that do not have a degree but it is what you do after your in the door that really counts.

  2. With regard to “just let me learn what I need to know as opposed to what you think I need to know”….

    Keep in mind that the people putting together the various academic programs in most cases have a far better idea of what you ‘need to know’ than you do. Through experience, they see knowledge/skill areas that might be important that you might overwise overlook.

    Or, put more confusingly: They know what you don’t know that you don’t know.

    I agree with CSAW. The degree shows more than just pure knowledge of a specific discipline; it’s a convincing way to show a variety of desirable character traits. And I am in complete agreement with CSAW about pointing out circumstances: I fully intend to make it clear on my grad school app that I ‘did’ college while working full time and supporting a family. That doesn’t necessarily make me better than the kid out of high school, but it shows traits that the high school kid is going to have to find some other way to demonstrate.

    Behind you 100%, Kenfused!

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