Posted by: kwa0430 | September 12, 2008

First Things First

I take a fair bit of heat from friends, family and other associates over the fact that I am Canadian

Admittedly, I will on occasion use that excuse for my warped sense of humor but, in reality, I believe that God created me to be who I am and I would be the same person regardless of birth place. So, blame it on my Creator and His warped sense of humor.

I have come to think that you Americans are, by and large, a pretty decent bunch. After all, I married an American and I think she’s pretty cool. Then there are some people who have become the closest friends a person could ask for and they too are American. For the most part, as far as I can see, you are basically Canadians that can’t spell properly and pronounce some things in a strange way. 

So, lets agree not to hold accidents of birth against each other.

That being said, there are some things that I wish would filter down from above. (Referring to the 49th parallel, not heaven).

  • Boxing Day -You have too few holidays as it is, but, having to work the day after Christmas is just too much.
  • No “U” turns in intersections – I’ve almost been hit a couple of times by this odd practice. I used too wonder what the big deal was and why they were illegal back home. Now I know.
  • Vinegar – Specifically in restaurants so that one can enjoy salt and vinegar french fries.
  • English Fish & Chips – You might have scooped up the recipe for this before you drove the British out. Even Jane loves visiting Ontario and going to our favourite Fish & Chips restaurant.

So, now that I’ve acknowledged that I’m Canadian and accepted the fact that y’all are American, let’s just forgive each other and move on.




  1. 1. Boxing Day rocks. One of the few decent contributions the British world has to offer.
    2. It’s my god-given right to drive anywhere I want and in any direction I want and if you won’t get out of the way you’d better buy a bigger truck than me.
    3. Mac’s Fish ‘n Chips, off Larpenteur just east of the U of MN a bit.
    4. Mac’s Fish ‘n Chips….

  2. I once sent my husband an empty box on Boxing Day. Does that count?

  3. Don’t forget the gravy with the fries!

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